State and Federal MPs

The cost of natural disasters is increasing due to climate change. Burning coal and gas is driving longer and hotter fire seasons, and the cost of recovery from climate disasters is skyrocketing.

Right now, ordinary Australians are footing the bill, while coal and gas companies continue to profit without paying their fair share for the damage their products cause. Australia urgently needs a dedicated, independently administered fund to meet the escalating costs of natural disasters fuelled by climate change.

Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action are calling for a National Climate Disaster Fund to be established to reduce the burden of natural disaster response and recovery currently being carried by Australian households and taxpayers.

It should be funded by a levy on coal, gas and oil exports to shift the cost of climate related disasters away from Australian households and businesses. Multi-national fossil fuel companies profit from extracting oil and gas , but make a very small contribution to the communities that bear the greatest costs of climate change. Because the levy is only on exports, it would not increase energy prices for Australians or threaten local jobs.

The Climate Disaster Fund would protect sectors throughout the Australian community and economy that are most exposed to climate related disasters from the ever increasing, and potentially crippling, costs.

We, the undersigned, call on State and Federal MPs to support the establishment of a National Climate Disaster Fund, funded by a levy on coal, gas and oil exports to pay for the recovery from climate disasters.

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