City of Edmonton Planning and Development, Edmonton Tribunals

The City Planning and Developments, is putting restrictions on our home based business due to it being of the unusual and possibly biased.
We are having issues with the City due to the fact they want to put us in a classification that we don't belong in. There is no classification that clearly out lines what we do, we primarily wholesale. We have been operating for about 5 years and wish to increase our business and move into our detached garage. City bylaw has been to our home and doesn't see why we should have an issue with our permits and business license, but the classification they want to put us in may cause us to lose our home based business.
We are asking for your support to help not only this home based business but to also help any home based business, that may run into similar issues.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Edmonton Business Planner & Development, and Edmonton Tribunals, to help support small home based businesses. To put more thought into what classification and to look closer at what business are operating with in the home, before making an unjust refusal.

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