#Civil Rights
SCASD Administration and School Board
United States of America

After a year of freedom, the State College Area High School restricted cell phones once again.

Administrators cannot reasonably expect students not to use cell phones during study hall and lunch. Confiscations will just go up, and that does not benefit anyone. It will just be more work for officials and cause more stress for students. Additionally, current confiscation policy requires the battery be with the phone upon confiscation. This leaves phones vulnerable to searches. This may be a paranoid view, however the vulnerability can be avoided, so it is not too much to ask.

If we are shown respect, we will reciprocate by minimizing use during instructional time. This plan is in everyone's best interests.

We, the undersigned, ask that cell phones only be banned during “instructional time” so that cell phone seizures remain exclusive to disruptions of the learning process.

We also ask that the battery requirement for confiscation be removed, because a battery alone does not break any rules, and wrongful texting does not warrant a search.

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