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Holistic Industries currently pays the Town of Monson 3% of their sales (a "Community Impact Fee"), as common practice and permitted by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). These funds are attractive and needed in local communities. They may be used as "reasonably related" expenses for Holistic's impact on the community of Monson.

These community impact dollars could (and should) go towards funding drug abuse prevention programs/educational curriculum in our schools, related support for town recovery groups, related support for our town departments, and more.

If the initiative is "reasonably related", Monson can find a variety of ways to apply these dollars towards benefitting the people of Monson.

When Holistic established their cannabis business on Rt. 32 in Monson, the host community agreement impact fee they created with the town made it very attractive for Monson to grant them blessing to be here. A big part of that discussion was all the good things this revenue could do for the town.

In April 2021, Holistic began proposing to the Monson Selectboard that they allow them to reduce the fee percentage they pay us, from 3% down to 1.5% and then 1%. This would require the Monson Selectboard to vote in favor of such a reduction. This conversation remains open-ended and ongoing.

The 3% Monson currently receives is a significant amount of funding that our community is very fortunate to have available. And so, this percentage conversation is big.

Holistic states in a letter written to our Town Offices in mid-2021 they were on target for $40 million in sales for 2021 (see attached documentation). So do the math yourself.

That would be a loss in quite a bit of revenue coming into Monson.

Please sign this petition in support of the Holistic Industries host community agreement remaining as-is.

This percentage of funds were already agreed upon by both parties and legally signed into contract years ago. All parties should honor that existing agreement.

Thank you for your support.

**Monson resident signatures, only.

I support The Town of Monson keeping the current host community agreement and community impact fee with Holistic Industries as-is.

Monson should continue to receive the current 3% of sales as our community impact fee, as already mutually agreed upon via a legal signed contract between the Town of Monson and Holistic.

These 3% of funds can continue to greatly benefit the townspeople of Monson in a variety of ways, in both our schools and our community at large.

Thank you.

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