David Patterson - Governor of the Great State of New York
United States of America

The NYS Assembly has proposed legislation to provide for optional 25 year retirement for emergency/911 dispatchers in the State of New York (Assembly Bill# A08596 sponsored by Assemblyman Peter Abbate Jr.)

This legislation is designed to bring the dispatchers in line with other emergency services personnel, who due to the stressful conditions of their employment, desire and sometimes necessitate early retirement options.

The bill has passed the Assembly every year for the last 5 years, but the two years it made it throught the Senate it was vetoed by then Governor Pataki.

We support the passage of Assembly Bill A08596 providing optional 25 year retirement for NYS emergency dispatchers.

Gov. Patterson, you are hereby requested to sign into law this important legislation, to provide these forgotten heros of the public safety community the respect and benefits they deserve.

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