Gig Harbor WA Minimum Wage
United States of America

9.47 an hour is not a living wage many people will say go to school and get a better job. Well i say yes that's great but what about adults who cant pay rent or pay their school bill since financial aid doesn't cover all of the expenses, or how about parents who haven't filed taxes and working adults cant get financial because of this and end up paying school all by themselves with 9.47 an hour wages.

If you live in gig harbor Washington then you understand that the cost of living is high and we need the minimum increased.

We live in the richest country in the world and we cant pay our workers a living wage? Increase in pay should come from the profits of huge businesses, buying goods and services with 15.00 an hour would bring a huge boost to our economy, rich blame the poor and poor blame the rich for 2008 crash when really it was corporate America and Wall street.

We the people in Gig Harbor WA sign this petition to say that the working class need a Living Wage. Over a period of 5 years for small businesses, and bigger businesses will have a shorter time to pay out

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