President Obama
United States of America

Michigan entrepreneur - A 4 Time Gold Medal winner on inventions; 1st Place Gold Medal for the United States World Genius Convention Tokyo, Japan.

Michigan Inventor has new ideas and inventions that can create over 142,000 new construction jobs. Also thousands of new jobs for Michigan.

Also something very important, We also wrote to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger office because we have a new invention that can help Control & Contain the Tragic Wild Fires in California. We also would like to discuss this with President Obama.
How many more firefighters lives will be lost if we do nothing?

For more information go to
www.globalinventionssolutions.com or

We, the undersigned, ask for your support in requesting a personal meeting with President Barack Obama and Inventor, to discuss new ideas and inventions to help with the creation of New Jobs to help with this struggling economy here in the United States.

Over 142,000 New Construction Jobs to be created. The unemployment rate is skyrocketing and here in Michigan the rate is almost 15% and here in Genesee County it over 27%. Detroit is the worst.

Millions of people are losing their homes to foreclosure. The New Administration needs the public's assistance in creating new technology and jobs here in the United States. Thank You for your support and Let's all work together.

Please note; Once this idea in effect, Most States across the Nation and the Government will Profit Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. There are over 200 Million Drivers here in the US. The Fuel saving alone will save over a Billion Gallons of gas a year. Just think 142,000 New Jobs and Save a Billion Gallons of fuel each year. We need all these jobs now.
Please support this petition.

Thank You,
Michael Wiley

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