#Animal Rights
All those against BSL and support removing the legislature.
United States of America

We have a new chance at beating BSL again in Ohio.

Representative Shawn Webster has introduced the bill.

It has hurdles to cross and it definitely needs everyone's support. You can write your representatives and voice your opinion, call their offices.

Sign this petition and I will send it to the appropriate place.

I have been a victim of false allegations because of BSL and lost my wonderful dogs of 7 years with my family.

Please sign this and show support and show that our breed is a wonderful family animal.

We, the undersigned, take action to support 127 HB 366 and support Shaun Webster in any action to have the Breed specific laws changed to a broader spectrum.

HB 366 reads as:


To amend sections 955.11 and 955.221 of the Revised Code to remove pit bulls from the definition of "vicious dog" in state law and to authorize the adoption of local ordinances or resolutions that define "dangerous dog" and "vicious dog" more broadly than state law defines those terms.

We the undersigned do completely support Rep Webster and his attempt to make all animals treated equally and to stop targeting pit bulls.

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