All Supermarkets and Governments

Supermarkets sell foods that we are meant to eat, digest and enjoy, though quite often they are tainted with the smell and taste of chemicals from products such as laundry powder, fabric softener, air fresheners and various other scented/fragranced chemical products. Also, Products such as unscented/Hypo-allergenic toilet paper is often placed next to these Scented/Fragranced products.

There is a reason why Hypo-Allergenic toilet paper is so named, it is for the personal use of people who have allergies or sensitivities to highly Scented/Fragranced products. The Chemical Scented/Fragranced products contain many toxic carcinogenic chemicals and should not be stored or sold in the same place as food that people must eat or next to toilet paper that is for personal use. Not everyone has access to or can afford to purchase Organic food.

The Health of the Customer should always come first not to forget the health of Supermarket staff. We shouldn’t have to battle our way through the Chemical Warfare that is the supermarket. It should be a safe place to visit where our health and food are protected in the best possible way.

It is time for a change in the way Supermarkets operate, either there must be a total Ban of chemical & scented/fragranced products being sold in the same store as food OR these chemical scented/fragranced products should be stored in separate rooms well away for our precious food. This is one step to less contamination and chemicals in our foods.

If you are also tired of or being made sick from the chemical and fragranced exposures in the supermarket here is your chance to make a difference in the way that Supermarkets operate by signing this petition.

This Petition will be forwarded onto various Supermarkets and the relevant Government Departments.

We, the undersigned, call on the Governments around the world to make law that Supermarkets can not store or sell Chemical and Scented/Fragranced products in the same location as Food products and unscented/hypo-allergenic paper products.

We as Customers have a right not to have our health exposed to or have our food tainted with Chemical Scented/Fragranced products.

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