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Skateboarding and BMX are a high-energy activity, which builds strength of body and mind, as it is an activity that requires an individual to be self-reliant while sharing space with other individuals.

One constructive aspect that makes these sports a positive activity is that it allows individuals to focus on their personal abilities and skills. As a sport, skateboarding has no prescribed rules, no governing body, and no restrictions that require a team effort. Kids who are not served by team sports, are attracted to skateboarding and cycling, because it doesn’t require you to join a team and compete so a winner and a loser is declared, it is an activity where there are no losers, only winners. Anyone can simply grab their board and skate at anytime to improve their skills.

Skateboarding has other positive attributes, to which older skaters can attest. It builds confidence, and often it's this confidence in oneself that allows one to make the right choices in life. It also teaches kids that they can do things they never thought possible. For parents and kids this is also an opportunity for learning and positive role modeling. One only has to look at champion skater Tony Hawk and see how skateboarding has become a way for him to connect with his kids.

Ultimately a well-designed and well-built skatepark will be the facility needed to provide a challenging activity for young people to participate. By providing this kind of location, older skaters will also use and enjoy this park and this mix will give the younger skaters the opportunity to learn and grow not only as a skater, but as a person as well.

Problems occur when adequate facilities and/or challenging activities for young people to participate in are not available. Skateboarding offers a solution, but skateboarding needs a space that can be utilized safely and not in common space areas.


This proposal puts forth possible sites for skatepark locations to occupy underutilized space around Burger Stadium. Skateparks can take organic, asymmetrical forms, i.e. they need not be bound in squares like other sports fields. This key feature allows for more efficient use of space that otherwise may be rendered useless (e.g. land around complex / parking lot).

Using this land around Burger Stadium has two advantages compared to other locations. First, it largely eliminates the ’N.I.M.B.Y.’ (Not in my back yard) problem. Because these neighborhoods are already accommodating a large amount of traffic, or a noisy area (shopping centers), skatepark generated noise is no longer an issue. Areas not designated for skating will be preserved and no longer a threat to be damaged. Second, it discourages illegal and undesirable activities that often occur in some areas around Austin (large homeless population nearby). A good example is House Park in downtown Austin. That area was dilapidated and in need of repair (old broken down tennis court). There was a rather large contingent of undesirable people hanging around that area. Now it is known as a popular destination in Austin for visitors and locals alike (hundreds of people every day). It rejuvenated and cleaned up that area of Austin both visually and financially. A beneficial move for businesses nearby.

In addition to those advantages, it also provides a place for skateboarding that is desperately needed in the Austin area.


#1 - Give skaters a good place to skate that is covered, rain or shine, day or night, through out the year.

#2 - Effectively uses the space that most wouldn’t think to use as park land. (It not only fulfills the goals of the City by providing a space for skateboarders, but also serves the community at large as well, by freeing up more land to be used for other types of parks.)

#3 - Provide kids with a healthy and intense activity. Where kids learn how to skateboard and are given a positive kinesthetic and creative outlet for their energy.

#4 – Provides a space for skateboarders and BMX’ers to go as to not damage other city property. No more skating and biking at local shopping centers and other public areas.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Sunset Valley and AISD to add a SKATEPARK and BMX facility to the plans of the Tony Burger Center Area remodel.

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