#City & Town Planning
Mr David Cretney, MHK, Isle of Man Government

On 2nd August 1973 in Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles the Summerland leisure complex burnt down. 3,000 people were inside. 50 people, including 11 under the age of 19, were killed.

The subsequent inquiry detailed many mistakes made by the Isle of Man authorities in its design, construction and operation. Summerland was not just a tragic accident. From its early inception it was always a tragic accident waiting to happen.

The site has been derelict for some time and has now been put up for sale and redevelopment by the Isle of Man Government.

Please support us in halting the sale. Please support commemorative gardens to be dedicated to all those who lost their lives on the site and all those whose lives were ripped apart by this horrific fire.

We, the undersigned, demand the Isle of Man Government (the owners) do not sell the Summerland site for redevelopment but instead designate the land for use as commemorative gardens.

We strongly believe this site should be dedicated to the 50 men, women and children who died there.

When 3,000 people entered Summerland, Douglas, Isle of Man on the night of 2 August 1973 they trusted they would be safe within it. 50 people lost their lives and 80 were seriously injured due to the Isle of Man authorities and companies who made many mistakes when designing, building and operating it.

We believe a remembrance garden will provide a peaceful place for families and friends of loved ones; a place to reflect and celebrate the lives of all those who died; a place to demonstrate our compassion for all those who suffered physical injury or mental trauma as a result of this tragic event.

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