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We, the students of America, want to alter the conditions for all AP standardized testing so that if a student gets a good grade, such as an A, they can still get college credit for the course. The main goal of a student is to take an AP class and pass the exam at the end of the year to get college credit. If a student doesn't pass an AP exam, it's an automatic waste of money and time spent in the class for the whole school year. The number of AP exams with scores of less than 3 has doubled, from 521,620 to 1,345,988 during the last decade. If students waste time during the year on a rigorous class, shouldn't they get the credit they need even if they don't pass the test? If we changed this, students would be more motivated to excel in their AP classes.

We, the undersigned, call on College Board to allow students with A's to get college credit for the course even if they don't pass the AP test

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