Coventry School Board
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I'm targeting this issues of busing for student of coventry taking the bus to the PLCC in the moring cause we are always late or arrive with only 2 mins left.. not too much huh, yep not really lot of time to get to your locker and get things you need with out being late and some times we a late all together.

The other issues is in the morning we have too many people and some of us kids have to sit on the floor, stand, or sit on the edge of the sheats with two other teenagers and we are not that small we need room.

The point of this is that we need a bigger bus or two busses and for the bus/busses to come here on time and get use there on time with more time.

Also the bigger issues are than its not safe and the school can get sued if something where to happen say like if the bus get hit by a car or some thing in that nature and i wouldn't want to see people get hurt or die cause of the issues at hand.

I also hate to see the school get sued cause of the issue of unsafe conditions on the bus going to the PLCC.

We, the undersigned, request for this issues to be taken care of in a timely manner. We want an extra bus and for the buses to take us on time.

Thank you for reading this and we will be very pleased if this issues will be taken care of. Thank you from the student body of coventry high.

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