#Civil Rights
United States of America

50.1 million children and young adults walk through the schoolhouse gate every single day. And every single day they sacrifice their rights to the government.

Outside of school the government is required to provide a warrant before they can search you. But in schools there is a completely different standard, what the courts call 'reasonable suspicion'.

A reasonable suspicion standard only requires that a teacher or school official have a mere "hunch" of wrong-doing in order to search your person or property. This is the largest and most significant violation of rights in our nation right now. It has 3 impacts
1. Racial profiling, schools target African-Americans in their searches, and
without a warrant required they over-scrutinize blacks
2. Disability discrimination, schools target students with mental disabilities
3. Rights violation, as an American you have the right to be free from
unwarranted searches

If you have ANY questions email: probablecausestandard@gmail.com

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Federal Government to require all teachers and school officials to receive a warrant before they conduct a search of students.

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