#Human Rights
Students and Alumni of Pratt Institute
United States of America

This is a student originated initiative and has no connection with the LIUNA Local 79 or their current picket. They've got their current fight and we support it, but our concern is in changing future contracts.

We want to approach the Pratt administration as tuition-paying students/alumni and demand that future construction contracts require the contractor to employ only union workers for the project. In these hard economic times, it's not important but necessary to provide a living wage and benefits for our city's workers.

Pratt has a lot of clout, and the many construction projects it takes on are prized contracts. If Pratt is going to continue talking up it's reputation of social and environmental responsibility, it needs to put our money where it's mouth is and use its power as an institution to provide workers with the safe conditions, respectable pay, and fair benefits that they deserve.

As students and alumni of Pratt Institute, we demand that the administration put into place a policy that would stipulate all future construction contracts include a clause requiring the hire of all union labor for the job. We pay tuition and are the lifeblood of this institution, and we feel that Pratt's much talked about social mission and responsibility should include the fair treatment, fair payment, and adequate safety and accountability of those who build our lauded "green" buildings.

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