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Our Current Age of Miss-information on the Infant’s (Neonate’s) Afterbirth Care: (This Petition contains informative opinions from personally reviewing studies on medical publications, from year 1998 to the present date).

1. The parents-to-be and parents in the past have been miss-informed about their duty and or their means how to protect their offspring while the mother is in birth labor, during labor, and in the afterbirth care of the newborn-citizen-child. Unknown to the parents that studies used to set clinical practices were absent of a control group of babies who never are cord clamped or cut from their umbilical cords. This method of afterbirth care was a common practice prior to the 1920’s, and is referred to as ‘primal and natural birth.’ This does no harm to the child who is permitted to be revived on the untied or unclamped umbilical cord. This cord is the child’s quality of lifeline and for life itself. However, this kind of revival would require a properly equipped birth room in order to allow the special aid brought to the infant rather than the infant taken to a special aid station.

A url regarding lack of due diligence in protecting the fetus, in the womb, and to protecting the fetus while being born or becoming a person, and in the afterbirth care of the neonate is inferred at this url: http://www.canadiancrc.com/newspaper_articles/Issue_Fetal_Rights_Canada_Wintermans_25NOV05.aspx - The Issue of Fetal Rights in Canada, By Colleen D'Orsay Wintermans, student, Cape Breton University, November 25, 2005

The issue for the right for the infant to have all of its own fetus placental blood infusion must be dealt with legal authorities. The placental blood is being stopped by medical persons following protocols and policies as though the medical policy was above the law, and stopping the true guardians, the parents from a signed birth contract for the stopping any cord clamping. Or, at least waiting until the third stage of labor has been completed. This is to wait until after the placenta was birthed before clamping and then cutting off the cord. But then the Moloch System could not financially benefit from the deprived infant's property, the whole blood trapped in the placenta, and some in the cord, and knowingly, so.

2. The result from the clinical practice of early umbilical cord clamping may be serious internal injuries and some of them are permanent. These include heart problems, lung problems (infant respiratory disorders, See Ref. No. 14), brain cell injuries, and injuries to the central nervous system. The revival costs, if the infant is not requested taken off their life-support, costs the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars or the medical insurance companies. In such cases where the infant dies, their organs are frequently sought. Such birth injuries are avoidable by the whole truth shared in infant delivery information. So far, the whole truth has been absent from most prenatal classes - whether those classes are offered free or not - in the local community.

3. Included in this Petition is the concern that vaccines may contribute to health disorders to the babies vaccinated and who were weakened by early umbilical cord clamping. (See No. 13 reference on the Vaccine Myths published by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein).

4. Some infants were never vaccinated before they left the medical institution and/or months later. These unvaccinated children have yet come down with sudden death syndrome, or if they lived with learning and behavior problems.

5. Little investigation is permitted locally regarding revived infants as to their delivery care and after birth care. Such local investigations which is not allowed is the standard of care that gave discretional choice to various birth aids who may have applied clinical studies directing the too-soon umbilical cord clamping, tying or finger-thumb squeezing off the cord. Such unnatural after birth care instructions surely weakens the child as to past documentations.

6. The facts are there is no optimal time for umbilical cord compression on a functioning umbilical cord, or will be if the child is revived on the untied cord. The best care is to take the life-support system to the infant in order to revive the infant on their untied and unclamped lifeline. Most institutional or emergency births are not providing this optimal care.

7. Only two visual reasons exist to tie the cord off: a torn cord (a dropped slippery infant); and/or a bleeding cord or placenta from an instrument injury.

8. For an umbilical cord around the neck, it is best and the optimal practice to place a soft object between the neck and the cord, rather than to tie the cord in two places and cut the cord. This soft object (finger or sponge) is to prevent neck and vocal chord injuries. When the infant is fully birthed, simply, unwrap the lifeline and let the untied lifeline continue infusing blood into the baby's expanding lungs. A stronger, healthier and living baby will result. Please, share this information and this petition, with others. The Public Ought to Fear Medical Ignorance in the Current Clinical Standards of Care:

9. The false clinical teachings on early umbilical cord clamping have resulted in testable weaker babies – they are anemic. This is a testable low count of red cells. The evidence is also often visual with measurable results taken from the blood drained from the placenta, and the testable blood inside the baby to compare it with the placenta's quality blood: rich in immunities, enzymes, various valuable proteins, hormones, and vitamins and minerals. All were specially created for the infant’s own needs and not another’s. The infant has no duty to provide for another’s sickness or needs. The duty is to protect the child in order for the child (a minor, not able to give informed consent) not to be exploited by harvesting their placenta blood for others. Nor, is it any good excuse to deprive the infant of their property – placenta blood - by throwing their placenta blood away, burning it or by pouring it down the drain.

10. The stronger babies are those selected children who have their revival on the unclamped umbilical cord until the placenta is birthed and all pulsation in the umbilical cord has ceased, the cord tested by instrumentation. The quality of lifeline then is white/silver, flat and not pulsating. The appearance of the placenta is then a flat cake and not a placenta that is engorged with the infant's deprived private property - their own blood. Failure to document information on the infant's own medical chart.

11. The engorged placenta is sent to the lab of the local hospital where it may be drained of its contents and that blood may be sought for another's cause. The amount of blood contents drained and taken (to my inquiries), has not been documented on the infant's own medical charts. This failure for truth in documentation is alleged for fear of future medical-legal complications.

12. This involves the allowance of the various level of governments’ approved private college’s involvement in the certification of their medical persons. These certified persons become members of various private medical associations and they operate under a Government approved Professional Act. One example influencing clincial practice or standards of care is the expert group establishing birth protocols and policies is ACOG, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and another one is SOGC, The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada. These two expert group, and their affiliates in a world-wide or international organization, generally, control all the clinical practices on birth issues, as well as the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, and various Colleges of Midwives or their respective Royal Midwife College. Seeking of the Placenta Blood:

13. Many Private cord blood banks or public or private blood banks have received government political approval for their public services. Such guidelines established by a ad hoc committee were needed in order to receive the baby's deprived whole placenta blood. To seek any tissue that belonged to the infant these institutions may require a signed waiver from one of the parents, and this is generally, the mother.

14. The various blood banks are known to encourage practices that support various medical private policies for the instruction and encouragement for medical early cord clamping. Is There a Motive for Willful Blindness in Medical Protocols Regarding Early Umbilical Cord Clamping?

15. The medical publications listed for setting clinical policies (that I have reviewed) have been absent of the stronger babies who were not clamped off their quality of lifeline and who had their placenta birthed before any of mankind's cord compression. It is believed the ignorance in the teaching has a purpose motive because the truth to leave the umbilical cord alone will prevent the stakeholder's interest in receiving the placenta blood for their purpose but was denied the infant this blood for their own benefits. Therefore, this Petition appeals to the United Nations to investigate world-wide teachings and some of those may stem from the World Health Organization (WHO) that have promoted early cord clamping or their causing some confusion on this subject. Most nations or countries have not provided for a Public Commission Inquiry on this specific medical clinical practice – current today, hasty cord clamping.

16. The clinical approved practice of hasty cord clamping has been profitable to stakeholder's interest in whole blood drained from the placenta. One such element of blood most sought is the plasma. It can be pooled together from many blood donors; and the blood from the placenta is knowingly sought, as well. (See www.medical-truths.com).

17. The hospitals where the alleged offense takes place may or will send to others the largest placenta whole blood collection for extraction for the other human cells. That placenta blood, taken by the lab technicians, had been knowingly deprived the infant or infants. Hospitals may also claim a legal right to use a waste material for daily or weekly research, and they have alleged the placenta blood is a waste or residual property – that belongs to their private labs, or the public labs. What these labs do take from the placenta is permitted not to be documented on the child’s own medical charts. Why not? This is if all things are being done decently and correctly in documentation and with true informed consent from the legal guardians of the child, both the natural parents, or the adoptive parents.

18. One or both parents may have signed a waiver before the baby's deprived placenta blood, called wrongfully cord blood, is accepted to be practically used by others; or, before the placenta evidence is allowed destroyed. This acknowledges the parents of that child had not received all truth in information what the institutions have called: appropriate care or appropriate discarding of human cells. What truly informed and loving parents would knowingly weaken their offspring?

19. Generally, missing on the child's own medical charts is the information how much blood was trapped in the placenta, which may be referred to as a natural blood bag. Why not, if this is hasty umbilical cord clamping is really appropriate afterbirth care of a clinical practice that does no risk of harm? Is the training of doctors and other medical persons absent of moral and ethical teachings?

20. This standard of care when lacking honest and full medical documentation at the local medical institution is known to impair the child's future legal rights if the child is knowingly weakened and has difficulties associated with anemia, a blood testable condition, or has latent health and learning disorders. Approval of Current Medical Protocols - early umbilical cord clamping:

21. The World’s population and those who will become the future parents ought to be alerted and be aware that the private or public blood banks will continue to encourage the medical policy that benefits them - any early cord clamping. This is because such medical policy, hasty cord clamping, permits the largest placenta blood collection of extractable stem cell fluid. The amount of alleged stem cells or fluids actually stored (after extraction) is a very small portion in comparison to the whole blood of various nutrients that was deprived the child. See some of the private cord blood banks policies at Reference No. 10.

22. The alleged 'deceived' parent is the one to become responsible for the care of the child (and the taxpayers of that area). The parent may be held accountable if they had signed any form as a waiver to the care of the infant by certified medical persons or the institution where the care took place.

23. The due diligence duty of equal protection of security of person has been denied the infant. It has been discriminated against by its age disadvantage. In most situations, the parents have not been able to protect their offspring. This petition gives the benefit of the doubt to the parents that they were not likely fully informed of the risk for not allowing their baby primal and natural afterbirth rights -- all placenta blood and that in the cord going into the baby following its birth. This is the optimal after birth care – the legal responsibility of protecting the child - rather than throwing that blood away or storing it in a cord blood bank or a private blood bank.

24. All private blood banks who receive blood deprived the neonate (the newborn child) will claim 'no harm to the baby' or to the mother. Their public information often miss-leads the parents to allow the hasty cord clamping. The news medias, including some Hollywood films, often spread the miss-information, as well.
24 a. The baby's deprived placenta blood may be stored at a cost to the parents with an annual fee, unless they donate their baby's placenta blood to a public blood bank. Rather than the stem cells and other nutrients of the whole blood kept for the baby’s future needs, this blood is sought and used very quickly. Such blood comes with fees to the expert fields who are involved in tissue research or transplanting fees, as well as collection of human cell fees.

25. The whole truth is being concealed -- testable weaker babies. For the facts of truth, a weaker baby's internal blood, if honestly tested, will indicate a lowered count of blood cells inside the baby. This testing of the blood and the pH inside the baby must be done on the early clamped child. The test must be done soon after the baby's birth and be allowed to be compared to the blood that was left or trapped in the placenta and some in the cord. The Placenta Blood is Taught to be a Waste Product - in order to excuse the seeking of it - for practical use:

26. Please, be aware of the private or public cord blood banks will miss-lead the public at large by calling the placenta blood a waste product or residual blood that is not important for the baby's own needs.

27. This is not new information of the risk of endangering the child by weakening it. The Age of Miss-information began before and after 1801: Weaker babies have been stated since 1801, by Dr. Erasmus Darwin, as to the consequences of too soon umbilical cord tying and today that is clamping off the cord or applying finger-thumb squeezing. Therefore, this Petition contains no new information but sharing what ought to have been known by today's certified medical persons, including emergency birth care aids. Legal Suits for birth injured babies have been excluded from medical publications in setting clinical practices, policies, and medical protocols.

28. Some Award settlements for birth impaired children, in millions of dollars and one as high as 43 Million, may be found at Ref. No. 11.

29. Some of the babies never recover from the various types of umbilical cord compression, caused by the discretional and volunteer choices of man. No one made them do it, not even the clinical practice or current or past studies. It was always an individual choice of the afterbirth care person or persons.

30. Some babies do die after they are taken off their life-supports after hasty cord compression, of any kind and for any reason. No protection in Emergency Birth Care - infants who are at risk for hasty cord tying:

31. The facts are, as per publications, if one calls 9-1-1 for an emergency birth some medics or some Ambulance Dispatchers may instruct cord tying or clamping off the placenta blood infusion. This maintains the local policy and is consistent with clinical practices set by the expert groups: ACOG and SOGC. There is never any good reason for any allowance for using an unsterilized object to do an unnecessary operative step -- the umbilical cord tying off the pulsating umbilical cord's blood vessels.

32. Instructions to the public, at large, are to permit the use of a dirty shoelace, or even the cutting off the cord outside of a clean operative environment. The false information for allowance of this type of care is spread by various news medias. The experts are found supporting hasty clamping alleging it is saving the baby's life from getting too much blood, or other unknown excuses. No one is taking any responsibilities for passing on miss-information, not even the Public Health Departments. Why not?

33. The false information is often shared to the public at large by various news medias. The expert's information nor what was released by the various press medias, has not been examined with cross-examination by a qualified Commissioned and Public Forum, and so far, by the United Nations. And that is an allegation this is a Human Rights violation. The medical endangering is happening to the children of the world, on this issue. Unclean Environments for doing Operative Afterbirth Care:

34. The allowance for using unclean operative steps has been known, since the mid 1800’s for the risking of any destructive germ getting into the blood stream of the baby, and likely the mother's, as well. This risk to the mother is because the placenta is yet inside her womb. And leakage of the umbilical cord or the placenta into her own cut body risks the mother to that destructive germ or bacteria by the unclean practices I have studied on this subject. Also the infant’s blood may be different from the mother’s and this may lead to complications in future pregnancies.

35. Please, do a review for the real cause of deaths (unclean environment) to women and children by two doctors, Dr. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis (1818-1865,) and Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894). Both these ethical and moral doctors had published on the essentials of cleanliness involving a child’s birth in the care of the infant and the mother for the prevention of their deaths. It has been known and for the same reasons that both mother and child will have to be treated with today’s strong antibiotics. These powerful drugs have their own known complications. Please, see for an allowance of cord tying using a dirty shoelace, at Reference No. 12.

For the Interested person in share, please, Copy and Paste additional information from these urls:
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6. Current Medical opinions on clamping off the infant's infusion of placenta blood and umbilical cord blood, Dr. Mercola and Dr. G. Malcolm Morley, Reviewed on Feb. 1, 2013:
7. Royal College of Midwives – They, too, have accepted early umbilical cord clamping. Today, they are being advised on the merits for longer delayed cord clamping which is more than 30 seconds. However, the midwives have been also involved in cord tying or clamping before the placenta is birthed, and all pulsation ceases in the cord. They too send blood collection to private or public blood banks. This article was doubtful if doctors would do the same delayed cord clamping and for what time period; and for any trained person, aiding in a child’s birth and afterbirth care? The best practice and optimal practice would be no cord clamping and all revival on the untied umbilical cord.
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Comments on the history of blood typing. Human blood is the most profitable resource, which just stem cell collections, even less than an ounce, may fetch more than $30,000 USA dollars. Blood type history, from 1901 to early 1940, is likely when hospitals first allowed harmful "active management" and allowing harvesting the placental blood trapped there by premature umbilical cord clamping. The practice of cord compression and decption continues from 1801 to this current date. The infants were being, knowingly, deprived up to 60 percent placental blood volume, which is a consquence suspected of wrongful early and premature umbilical cord "clamping" or tying off the functional and pulsating quality of life line. All was being allowed, by a "local policy," which was first approved by Federal, State, and Provincial medical authorities. The weakened and struggling babies were then to be rushed off to revival units and given artificial fluids, or whole blood along with some oxygen. Any living but revived child, who was prematurely clamped, (and not when they cut off the cord), would likely show latent internal impairments, resulting by anemia, which was, knowingly, medically caused. Learning for many of these revived children would be more difficult, and the cause suspected of various manifestations of increased autisms, heart and lung problems, maybe hormone sex and growth deficiencies, and much more.
18. Midwives do know the endangering of the new born by early and premature umbilical cord clamping. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/hamilton/news/delaying-umbilical-cord-clamping-better-for-baby-mcmaster-expert-1.1302906
19. News Release, Dec. 22, 2016 Doctors, logically, always knew, with many obstetric nurses, that hasty umbilical cord clamping deprived the infant up to sixty percent placental blood volumne infusion, which was a testable, visual and measurable fact for weakening any infant, the clamping was imposed on, outside of true need, a torn cord.
20. The medical groups have always known, since and prior to 1801, that they have caused weaker infants and some infants deaths by Premature Umbilical Cord Clamping, PUCC. The Royal College's data is not new medical information, but may be an attempt to curb criminal neglence for failing to warn the parents, if the child is early umbilical cord clamped before the placenta is birthed (more than a ten minute delay) and before all pulsation ceases in the cord, they will be likely raising an impaired child. Any child being revived after early cord clamping will suffer subtle to serious brain cell damages, heart shrinkage, lung problems, learning and behavior difficulties, risk of tumors, and have blood disorders (anemias), and a variety of stressed caused cancers. Judge for yourself the sincereity of this expert group's statements:

Updated January 21, 2017

We, the undersigned, Canadian citizens, or citizens from another Nation or Country, call on the United Nations to investigate harmful birth directives and harmful clinical standards of care that is presently taught to most all medical professionals. These are certified persons who may come to the aid in the afterbirth care of the newborn child.

We, the undersigned, Canadian Citizens, or citizens from another Nation or Country, call on the Canadian Provincial and Territory Governments and their Chief Medical Authorities to allow for a Public Commissioned Inquiry regarding the various false medical information provided to any cities' prenatal classes or through the birthing mother's physician which does not allow all truth in the afterbirth care to the infants. That the medical issue is always a local issue using harmful birth protocols that may involve criminal violations (no informed consent), and certainly, civil offenses to the newborn citizen that is inappropriate afterbirth care. Both criminal and civil actions would both involve the no true informed consent or the choice for safer medical options.

We, the undersigned, request investigation for enforcement of International Medical due diligence and Human Rights that allow for the security of person and equal protection to the newborn citizens of Canada, by and for babies of other Nations or Countries as a Human Rights duty. That every child is owed due diligence and to be respected and equally protected regardless of the infant's blood type, sex, mental or physical disadvantages, age (full term or premature), or regardless of the child's parent's marital status or belief, religion, or color.

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