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My late mother suffered a stroke last year. She was taken to casualty where she took a second stroke. She was given aspirin and discharged, but whilst awaiting transport home she suffered a third stroke. It was only then that she was admitted to hospital.

Research I've done has shown it could have been fatal giving aspirin to a patient without having conducted a CT/MRI scan to determine the cause of same. I want to change the Greater Glasgow Health Board's policy of conducting a scan within 24 hrs of admission to hospital, and have them conduct scans ASAP as it is the only way to get a correct diagnosis.

I want to change the Greater Glasgow Health Board's policy of administering aspirin to stroke victims before conducting a CT/MRI scan.

At present they are treating patients on the assumption that their stroke/s are due to a clot/s. If a patient suffers a stroke due to a hemorrhage in their brain it could be fatal to administer aspirin. The Greater Glasgow Health Board insist that national clinical guidelines for stroke recommend a CT/MRI scan within 24hrs of admission to hospital.

I have researched this and I keep finding the same advice and that is that a scan be conducted 45mins after entering casualty to determine the exact cause of a stroke.

Please help me and sign my petition. I thank you in anticipation of same.


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