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As with every other Sneak Preview in the past approximately 2 years, it has come to be expected that a promotional card would be recieved along with the 5 packets of product. With the Strike of Neos Sneak Preview, however, this has been gone back on by UpperDeck Entertainment.

As mentioned on the UpperDeck Entertainment Yu-Gi-Oh! Judge List, it would seem that only North American players would be recieving the Promotional Card "Grandmaster of the Six Samurai".

We believe this to be unfair and as such petition UpperDeck Entertainment to distribute the card globally, as it is quoted to be making it's world debut in the message referenced below.

World Debut equals World Wide Debut, not just North America. North Americans purchase product. We purchase product. Why are we not recieving the card?

Reference: http://lists.upperdeck.com/read/messages?id=12338

We, the undersigned Yu-Gi-Oh! Players of Australia, call on UpperDeck Entertainment to distribute the Strike of Neos Promotional Card "Grandmaster of the Six Samurai" as was promised in email to Judges as "making it's world debut at this Sneak Preview."

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