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Harlem, NY Street Naming Commission
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Sept. 5th. 2019 marks the 50th year anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's historic outdoor concert in Harlem, NY that benefited the United Block Association. Fresh off of his landmark iconic Woodstock performance in August, Jimi turned around and gave a free concert for the residents of his adopted community in Harlem, who couldn't afford to normally see his show. His friends, the Ghetto Fighters/Allen twins (AKA TaharQa & Tunde Aleem) were the promoters of the event. To commemorate this once in a lifetime concert, we are proposing that the site of the original concert be co-named "Jimi Hendrix & The Ghetto Fighters Square.

Signing this petition supports the campaign to co-name the intersection of 139th St & Malcolm X Blvd./Lenox Ave. as "Jimi Hendrix & The Ghetto Fighters Square

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