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Street Fighter X Tekken released 11 March 2012 on Xbox 360 and PS3. On PC released 11 May 2012. On console version was problem with sound and lags in online, through time Capcom released patch 1.02 on SFXT Console version, it fix lags in onilne and sound problem.

On PC game released 11 march 2012, and game had the same problem, in JULY 2012 Capcom released patch on PC , verion 1.02. It fixed sound problem , add same DLC, but DONT FIX lags problem, ITS MAIN PROBLEM! In online game very lags, people cant play in SFXT, but the game itself is not bad. Today is 12 October 2012. And PC have patch 1.02, game lags.

People need patch 1.06 for fix lags, and add same DLC ( Chars, Colours, Gems and more ) . 25 september 2012 Capcom posted " Patch 1.06 on SFXT done "
"There are two different versions of the DLC to talk about: one set for Steam, and one for Games For Windows LIVE. For the GFWL DLC, development is basically done, and our team should be able to submit it to Microsoft for approval shortly. Microsoft's approval timelines can vary pretty dramatically, but they generally take around 2 weeks."

Today 12 october 2012, two weeks have passed, patch did not come out, it angers us, we are tired of waiting and to create a petition. Game released 11 may 2012 , on consoles version 1.06, PC version 1.02. Why? Whats your problem? Please add patch :3

1) Capcom, add patch 1.06 on PC version.

2) Fix lags in online, because of this the game unplayable.

3) Support PC version of the game, not only Consoles.

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