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Fairfield Planning & Zoning
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Petition to Fairfield Planning & Zoning Commission July 2008

We are residents and neighbors of Stratfield Village living in proximity to the applicants' property, 1089 Church Hill Road. We are strongly opposed to the subdivision application, which includes a driveway for access to the rear lot on Stratfield Road across from Putting Green Road. According to the sign erected on the property, the applicants' subdivisions proposal is to allow construction of an additional house, apparently for residential/commercial purposes. We maintain that the application placed before the Planning and Zoning Commission to sub-divide said property is of negative value to the area. There is substantial daily traffic on Stratfield Road. Numerous fatalities have occurred on, or near, the curve on Stratfield Road directly in front of the applicant's proposed driveway, across from Putting Green Road. Each morning and afternoon, many school buses turn from Stratfield Road onto Putting Green Road, and vice versa. The proposed site of the curb cut for egress and access to the sub-division will create an even more dangerous situation than that which already exists. The interests of individuals should not be placed above community safety. We believe it is essential to protect our neighborhood, local school aged children, school bus activity and our citizens. Approving this application would drastically increase the potentially dangerous, even deadly, situation that already exists at the site proposed access way. In view of the history of this matter, we respectfully submit this petition and ask for denial of this application with prejudice.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Jim and Lisa Greenberg
Martin Chasin and Jessica Wolf

The undersigned respectfully ask the Fairfield Planning and Zoning Commission to deny this application with prejudice.

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