Jefferson County, Washington
United States of America

We are NOT OPPOSING the production, processing, retailing, or use of medical or recreational marijuana in Jefferson County.

We ARE OPPOSING locating industrial, high security facilities in rural residential neighborhoods for many reasons, the following are just a few:

•Negatively impacts neighborhood property values.
•Potential depletion and pollution to aquifers and other bodies of water.
•Negatively impacts the neighborhood with a "dead skunk" stench.
•Creates Noise Polution created from exhaust fans.

We believe that commercial enterprises requiring special security measures and industrial structures are more appropriately located in industrial or agricultural zoning districts. We strongly urge the county amend the codes to prohibit these facilities in rural residential areas.

These facilities destroy the spirit and intent of rural residential zones where families live. It is not harmonious in design or scale with rural residential zoning.

The Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners,
The Jefferson County Planning Commission
The Jefferson County Department of Community Development

We, the undersigned who reside or own property in Jefferson County, Washington, request that the Jefferson County Code (JCC) 18.20.295 be amended to prohibit commercial production and processing of marijuana in all rural residential zoning districts.

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