FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile)

As you might have read from the title, Formula 1 is set to introduce the Halo cockpit protection device for 2018 after the FIA pushed it through on safety grounds at Wednesday’s Strategy Group meeting. Although nine out of ten teams voted against it, the FIA still put it in the 2018 regulations for safety ground.

But Halo isn't what the fans and teams want then why the FIA should put it in? The Halo also has major flaws on its design that may endanger the life of drivers competing in Formula One as well.

It is best recommend that Formula One should stay where it is now and continue on developing different parts of safety regulations other than the Halo.

We, the fans, calling the FIA to drop the Halo from the 2018 regulations and beyond for the development of the sports and working out other plans for future head protection not just in Formula One but other open wheel racing championship around the world.

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