#Animal Rights
Local PM and animal welfare

Animal testing has been banned from certain countries such as the EU, however Australia continues import and sell cosmetics tested on animals.

Currently, thousands of rabbits are bread for animal testing and are restricted to small, overcrowded cages that cause them to become ill and injured. Animals are restrained and forced to inhale, eat, or have ingredients applied to their skin and even eyes.

It is time to stop testing on animals. Numerous companies are relying on other sources to test their products and make sure that they are human friendly. We do not need to use animals to make sure our products are safe. Sign below to stop animal testing in Australia.

Animal testing although not legally conducted in Australia has been permitted on the basis of importing and selling overseas products that were tested on animals. Animals are forced to live in confined cages that cause them to become ill and injured. They are not given the appropriate care, attention, food or exercise they need.

There are many other options available to make sure cosmetic products are safe for humans to use.

Please sign below so to show your support in raising awareness and helping to make testing cosmetics and ingredients on animals become illegal in Australia.

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