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Merton Council
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Merton Council are pushing through a new parking scheme to add double yellow lines to much of Errol Gardens and Barnard Gardens as well as some parts of Belmont Avenue these Double yellow lines are to be added on the 27th of March 2018. They are intending to add these double yellow lines despite the majority of residents in the aforementioned area being against the proposal. The council have also failed to provide any details of alternative parking options for residents.
The council have stated that the above parking restrictions were necessary due to potential safety issues raised by access to residents by emergency services however the council have failed to provide any fact based evidence to prove that the current parking conditions on Errol Gardens, Barnard Gardens and Belmont Avenue constitute a hazard for the London Fire Brigade or St John's Ambulance services.

We, the undersigned, oppose and demand a full and proper consultation with residents and stakeholders about the dramatic parking changes proposed by Merton Council to bring in double yellow lines on Errol Gardens, Barnard Gardens and Belmont Avenue as part of the Cavendish Avenue Controlled Parking Zone.
The current proposal "Call in Form WB2 Cavendish Avenue Area Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) ":

1) Fails to provide residents with a legitimate option to choose ‘keep parking restriction as is’ in the Council’s list of provided options to choose from.
2) Was sent during school holidays when many families might be away and titled in such a way that meant that it may not have been immediately obvious to residents that it affects Errol Gardens, Barnard Gardens and Belmont Avenue and were often sent in envelopes with advertising regarding fostering local children and other unrelated matters.
3) Will stop families, friends, relatives and others from visiting their loved ones. It will disproportionately affect families with caring responsibilities and those with extended families.
4) Does not take into consideration the needs of elderly residents or residents with physical limitations who will be disproportionately affected by these restrictions.
5) Fails to provide any alternative parking options to residents.

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