#Animal Rights
United States House of Representatives

January 14, 2006

Hi, I got started in Horse Slaughter Stopping in 2005, some of my friends have horses, and if I could i would own a ranch hosting retirment homes for horses.

One day i was on a site i like and i saw stop the horse slaughter signs. I was wondering about horse slaughter since then so these are the facts i learned:

*Horse Slaughter in America is Ran by foreign-people.
*Scared, and confused horses are cramed together in Double Decker Trucks and often are hurt, died, knocked out or, Severaly hurt, when they arive at a slaughter house.
*About 90,000 horses are killed each year to feed people in Asia, France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, and Italy.
*The horses are killed when they are knoked out, if they are not the shoot a medal rod into their Brain, and then slice open there neck!

My last fact is All horses, every shape, breed, age are sent to the slaughter house usualy after they are bought at a horse Auction, most horses that are slaughter are Lame, ill, surplus at riding schools, failing racehorses, mares whos foals aren't econmicaly valuble, Ponys, Mules, and Donkeys!

Please sign if you are TOTALLY against this!

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