Board of Aldermen, City of New Haven
United States of America

Yale is seeking a zone change to allow the construction of a new facility for its School of Organization and Management. The building, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is grossly out of place in its context, New Haven's historic Whitney Avenue. The gargantuan building accedes the current zoning regulations in its height, side yard set backs and lot coverage ratios, and can only be built if the New Haven Board of Aldermen grant a zone change.

The City of New Haven's judgement that this incongruous design "sets significant standards for any subsequent development in this neighborhood" means that this development could have profound impacts throughout the Whitney Avenue area.

The project entails destroying all the existing buildings and trees, changing the natural landscape with major cut and fill excavation, converting open space on Whitney Avenue into an enclosed and private courtyard. The project adds a dangerous curb cut for cars to drop-off passengers. And it fails to fulfill Yale's own goal for enhanced and safe pathways for bikes and pedestrians on its north side.


Hartford Courant, December 13, 2009
Wrong Way On Whitney Avenue
Yale's Gargantuan School Of Management Building Would Be Out Of Place

The New Haven Register, February 5, 2010
BEACH: ‘Zealous few’ resist Yale’s use of bulldozer in the name of progress
By Randall Beach, Register Columnist

We, the undersigned, oppose Yale's request for the zone change to the "Planned Development District" which would allow the University to build a structure which spoils the harmonious character of the Whitney Avenue streetscape.

The plan exceeds the current and reasonable standards for size, fails to improve faulty circulation systems for walkers and cyclists, and would set a new standard for intense development in the East Rock neighborhood.

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