World Wrestling Entertainment

A rumour is out that the WWEs contract with Spike TV should be over in September of 2005 this means every WWE program EXCEPT SmackDown, AfterBurn, Bottom Line, and all WWE paperviews.

If they do go off the air just maybe all WWE programing that was on Spike TV just might go to the USA network Spike TV says "they want to attract core viewers".

Please sign this petition or the WWE programing on spike TV could very well only be seen on syndicated networks (networks that are nearly impossible to find on local listings or on any listing for TV or if you do find them sometimes because of no specific reason it won't be on or it will be on at times like 3:00 AM) but there is a small Chance that it will go to the USA network SMALL chance please sign it alot. and tell everybody you ever met in your whole life to sign it.

By signing this we are saying we want the WWE programing that is on Spike TV to stay on Spike TV.

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The Stop WWE RAW heat Velocity and the WWE expierience from going off air on Spike TV. petition to World Wrestling Entertainment was written by aglo and is in the category Television at GoPetition.