Dear Elected Officials and Government Institutions and Agencies,

We have the right to breathe clean air in our homes and properties without the stench and toxic emissions from any wood burning appliance. This hazard to our health must be dealt with.

It is the purpose of this petition to collect signatures to support a nuisance bylaw to cover wood smoke in residential areas.

"If you are unwilling to give your name, sign it as anonymous, but please give your city and comments."

We, the undersigned, call on you to create or amend a bylaw to cover wood smoke emissions in RESIDENTIAL AREAS.

No resident should ever have to worry about the air they are breathing.

For residents to be put in danger by toxic smoke emissions is unacceptable.

We want to feel free to open our windows for fresh air and to enjoy our property, free of the foul stench of wood smoke.

The health and environmetal risks of wood burning are well documented in hundreds of studies. We feel justified in holding elected officials responsible and accountable for damages to our families and ourselves. We state, unequivocally, that we do not consent to this exposure and that we are unwilling to accept the health risks that exposure to wood smoke presents to our lungs and bodies.

We ask that regulations and legislation be immediately adopted that would create bylaws to cover the release of smoke onto neighboring properties.

We demand an end to wood smoke invasion!

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