#Local Government
Department of Energy (WAPA)
United States of America

I am starting this petition to inform you of the negative environmental and economic impacts of the projected Willow Creek Wind Project off Highway 212.

First and foremost please understand that wind energy is a myth portrayed and promoted as clean, safe, and inexpensive only to enrich big business using huge sums of taxpayer funding.

I encourage everyone to do their own investigative research or simply talk to someone that lives near a wind farm and experiences first hand the oil leaks, the chemicals, the cement, the cost, the never ending maintenance, the turbine fires, the bombardment and the cruelty to the land and wildlife, rendering wind energy a unproven and unreliable commodity.

As you may or may not know, Butte County is considering a proposal to construct approximately 45 wind turbines, an underground power collection system, substation, access roads, and maintenance and operation center on 39,000 acres of agricultural and grazing land.

Research has uncovered the devastating impacts a wind turbine located near you might have on your home, your health, the ecosystem, and your property value.

A wind turbine has far reaching effects that do not stay confined to the property boundaries on which it is located. Once something like this is done, there is no going back.

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