#Animal Rights
United States of America

This petition is to protect wildlife ducks that live in that State of Florida.

My neighbor across the street was seen using a sling-shot and a rock to decapitate the head of a innocent duck. He then finished the job by smashing the body with a recycle bin until it was completely dead. Afterwards, his mother said, and I quote..."put that piece of shit in here" as she gave him a trash bag. The duck was thrown away like a piece of trash.

I tried to report this incident to Wildlife Fish and Game and I was told that it is LEGAL TO KILL DUCKS as long as it is in a HUMANE way. This is no way HUMANE. This is a crime, and the law need to be changed.

It should be illegal to kill any duck in any kind of way, i.e., sling shots, bb guns, bow and arrow, rock throwing, or any kind of torturing.

We, the undersigned, call on the State of Florida to eliminate the legal killing of wildlife, such as ducks, in any and all kinds, in all counties of Florida.

No killing of any wildlife duck even in a "humane way", should be legal in the State of Florida.

We sign this Petition to ensure the safety of ducks that live in ponds and/or lakes in our State.

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