#Human Rights
South Africa

We the WHITE oppressed citizens of SouthAfrica request URGENT assistance!The communist government ANC and far left Wing EFF party and other racist movements HAVE mandated the Extermination of our human rights and LIVES!On DAYLY basis,our properties are invaded,our businesses looted and destroyd!We are being slaughtered like animals with little to non assistance from The Police or defense force.Opposition parties have on NUMEROUS occasions called for head of the ANC government and parliament to acknowledge farm MURDERS and the killing of our race as a serious matter...our complaints and pleas for assistance is ignored and laughed soon!WE ARE FACING WHITE GENOCIDE AS HAPPENED IN ZIMBABWE!

We the WHITE citizens of SOUTHAFRICA call on the UN to bring justice to thousands of lives lost(and more to come!).By signing this petition we ask the UN HumanRightsCommision to bring about the investigations and CHARGES of GENOCIDE against the RULING PARTY(ANC) AND ITS TERRORIST SISTER PARTY(EFF).ALSO ALL OTHET FRACTUAL TERRORIST PARTIES OR MOVEMENTS PROCLAIMING WHITE FENOCIDE(BLF)

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