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My kids and their friends just attended the Warped Tour at the Nassau Coliseum on 8/4/07. It was a sweltering day of 97 degrees with high humidity.

Either the Coliseum or the organizers of the Warped Tour were selling bottles of water for $5.00 a bottle! On such a hot day with a sold out crowd for an outdoor event, this was outright extortion.

I'm asking for everyone to sign this and it is my hope to submit this to both the Warped Tour organizers and the Nassau Coliseum officials.

The parties who have signed below feel it was a grave injustice to everyone who attends an event such as the Warped Tour and/or any other event at the Nassau Coliseum in NY to have to pay an exorbitant amount of $5.00 for a bottle of water during an outside event held on a sweltering, humid summer day with a sold out crowd.

Most of the crowd are teen aged kids who would rather spend their money on music and souvenirs than have to make a choice between heat exhaustion or a souvenir.

Please sign below and pass along to anyone you know who has experienced this as well.

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