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My youngest daughter was heartbroken when she heard that Disney was changing Cinderella's castle into Elsa's castle. She would like to STOP Walt Disney World from changing Cinderella's castle (Walt Disney World) into Elsa's (Frozen) castle.

Cinderella is a timeless character that inspires little girls all over the world whereas Elsa from the Frozen movies is just another character, which will fade away in time.

I see no good reason to change a Disney landmark into something simply for the means of making a buck off a movie that pales in comparison to 'Cinderella'.

Dear Walt Disney World,

You should know that you are ruining a young girls dream to walk through Cinderella’s Castle, not Elsa’s. She will not be able to go to Florida because she lives far away. Not only are you ruining her dreams, but you are also ruining the whole point of the park. The park was made right after Walt Disney died. It was made in honor of him and his dreams and the castle was one of the first things built in the park.

Keep the original things the same, not make them different. Besides, Frozen will blow over sooner or later but Cinderella will stay forever an original princess. This little girl and I’m sure many other people, including my friends and family, will not agree with this decision of yours. My ‘bucket list’ is long, but the second thing on it is to walk through ‘Cinderella’s’ castle and that will not happen if you change it.

Disney is a big part of my life. You might think this is very stupid, obviously it means a lot to me, more than anyone could ever know. I am taking time from my own life to write this letter when I shouldn’t have to. I hope you get a different perspective and thought from this letter. I have made a petition against this.


Charly Marie McShane and the Undersigned

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