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teachers, students, crafters, seamstresses, etc.
United States of America

It seems that Wal-Mart is slowly but surely dwindling down their arts and crafts departments, and now they have added the fabric section to the chopping block. What they don't seem to realise is how many people actually depend on this department.

Many people, particularly elderly, teachers, and crafters strapped for cash rely on the "Everday Low Prices" of Wal-Mart's fabric section particularly the dollar section. This is a great benefit to many especially when your city or town doens't have many craft choices to begin with or the other guys are too far away to be practical.

Help to stop Wal-Mart from doing away with this department. It is too affordable and too necessary to be gotten rid of.

We teachers, crafters, seamstress, and other various hobbiests are calling for Wal-Mart to reconsider the elimination plans for the fabric department in their stores. Think of all the people it will affect as far as distance and cost goes.

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