All Pet Industry Specialist
United Kingdom

We want to reach out to:
• All Independent Pet Shops
• All veterinary practices,
• All Manufactures
• All pet news publications
• Pet national chains (Pets At Home, Jolleys, Pets Corner, CountryWide, Kennelgate, Scampers, Justforpets etc ),
• Pet & Vet Specialist online retailers (Pet Supermarket, Zooplus, Medic Animal, Pet Planet, GJW Titmuss, PetShopBowl, Berriewood, VioVet, Petmeds, Animed, Swellpets, Seapets etc.)
• Wholesalers (Best Pets, Vital, Pedigree Wholesale etc).

We are joining together to protect the pet specialist industry that many of us have worked in for many years.

What we can do:
Collectively we can stop pet specialist brands being sold to Waitrose and other supermarkets like we did two years ago, when we successfully had all the pet specialst manufacutres remove their products from Argos website.

The petition is to let each brand decide who they would rather side with? The collective sales of all of us, the specialist retailers, OR the sales of Waitrose & Monster Pet Supplies.

Petition Action Plan:
Stage 1) Sign the petition “Stop Waitrose selling pet specialist products”. Let it be known that the pet industry will not support brands that authorise their products being sold onto supermarkets.

Stage 2) Publicly “Name & Shame” the brands & wholesalers that continue to sell & provide promotions to Waitrose & Monster Pet Supplies until they stop completely. If the manufactures stopped all additional promotional funding to Monster Pet Supplies, Monster Pet Supplies would not have enough margin to sell onto Waitrose and they would be driven out of the market in a few months.

We will monthly post Monster pet supplies & Waitrose website prices & their promotional emails they send out highlighting the brands & products that are giving them discounts.


Stage 3) Hurt brands where it hurts them most: PROFIT. Plan monthly boycotts of a single brand each month until they stop. Collectively we are 99.9% of the market compared to the small sales of Waitrose and Monster Pet Supplies; let them decide who they will prefer to upset.

Boycott wholesalers that supply Monster Pet supplies who supply Waitrose. We will list and switch to wholesalers that publicly announce they will not supply Monster pet supplies & the grocery channel.

Why Waitrose uses Monster pet supplies?
Waitrose or other supermarkets cannot open a pet specialist account with pet wholesaler or with Brands because they are a “grocery customer”. The fact that Waitrose needs to buy the products through “Monster Pet Supplies Ltd” is testament that this activity is unauthorised. Monster Pet Supplies being so narrow minded has simply sold out the entire pet industry for their own personal gain.

We want to see actions like Crown Pet Foods who are demanding Monster Pet Supplies remove products off Waitrose: We have been told directly by James Welleveloved & Royal Canin that they are in the process of stopping Monster Pet Supplies selling their brands onto Waitrose. We want all brands to do the same.

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