#Law & Order
Victims of Violent Crime
United States of America

Cumberland County has had one of the highest murder rates in the US. Everyone who lives here knows how dangerous this area is.

Violent crime affects us all, most of us have been or know someone who has been victimized. The goal of this petition is to start the ball rolling on organizing a center for Victims of Violent Crimes and their families.

Please visit my website: inleensmemory.googlepages.com also email me at twylyt@embarqmail.com for suggestions questions or anything at all. I want to help. I am a survivor myself, and I have done plenty of research plus years of counseling. One day I am going to major in Journalism and Psychology.

Let's start the ball rolling by getting this petition around so I can get it to state reps, and everyone and anyone who can help.

This petition is going to be the best effort to start getting this program established. I will get help by fundraising, gathering other volunteers to help me raise funds by bake sales, and all other types of fundraising activities.

I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THIS CENTER IS BUILT. I will write millions of letters, then I will write more. I will involve the media. I also plan to have a program involving prevention of child abduction in this center. It is for everyone. I have a vision and I plan to succeed.

Please sign and have friend and family sign and pass it along. A minute of your time will go a long way and help so many!

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