Vesuvio Bakery 160 prince St. Ny. Ny. 10012
United States of America

Vesuvio Bakery located at 160 Prince St. has been venting food smells
illegaly though an open window on the premises for over one year. The new
owners have decided to make sandwiches instead of the bread the bakery
was famous for.

The smells in question are of mostly grilled chicken, onions,
basalmic vinegar and garlic. The smells are coming into the airconditioner
of my shop, into my apt. building and into my side window of my apt. which
is located obove my shop. I have called the NY Health Dept. several times
and have had a health inspector come in to check them out to no avail.
New York reastaurant guidlines clearly state that all restaurants operating
with an open grill, stove etc.. must have proper ventilation.

This is something Vesuvio clearly does not care about. I have spoken with the
owners several times only to get the response that proper ventilation would
cost too much money. I have had my shop for 20 years and cannot tolerate the constant food odors coming in .

We, the undersigned, call on Vesuvio Bakery located at 160 Prince St. Ny.
Ny. 10012 to refrain from venting food smells out of their window and into
the court yard/alley. The food smell has been coming into the apt. buildings
at 120 Thompson St. and 160 Prince St. as well as 3 shops located on
Thompson St. The food odors are of mostly, chicken, onions, garlic and
sometimes vinegar. This has been going on for over a year now and must
stop now.

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