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In Medway, Ma we have three synthetic playing fields. Each field has / will have synthetic grass with crumb rubber infill.

In light of the following evidence regarding crumb rubber, many health experts advocate against using crumb rubber infill on playing fields.

1) Crumb rubber is made from shredded automobile and truck tires.

2) Crumb Rubber is considered safe for kids yet landfills full of tires are considered health risks.

3) Crumb rubber is made up from 20% to 40% carbon black. Carbon black is a cancer causing carcinogen.

4) Crumb rubber contains benzothiazole, which exerts acute toxicity and is a respiratory irritant and a dermal sensitizer.

5) Crumb rubber contains other toxins and carcinogens. The International Agency for Cancer Research lists four compounds as carcinogen; Arsenic, Benzine, Cadmium, & Nickel.

6) Crumb rubber is especially dangerous to children, as they are more susceptible to toxins than adults.

7) Crumb has been recorded to heat up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot summer day.

8) Crumb Rubber can cause environmental harm such as contamination of water, land, and air.

9) Anecdotal evidence of children becoming sick, many with cancer, with correlation to playing on synthetic turf playing surfaces with crumb rubber infill.

As a resident in Medway, MA, I am not comfortable with our selection of crumb rubber infill for our three synthetic turf playing fields.

In light of the facts about carcinogens & toxins in crumb rubber coupled with anecdotal evidence & expert testimony, I believe that Medway should not take the risk of using crumb rubber with our children.

Instead, I urge Medway officials to consider and select an alternative, non-toxic infill option.

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