Thai King and Thai Government

Dear citizen of the world,

At the time of writing this petition, armoured vehicles are bull-dozing and live bullets are flying through the camps of the Red Shirts. The dead toll of the Red Shirts protesters is at least 30 with another 5000 people in the camp. Recently Thailand situation has deteriorated drastically and the government is still stepping up on the crackdown of the Red Shirts protesters.

There is very little international bodies can do about Thailand current situation as it is a domestic affair and the people are suffering. We the citizen of the world can do our little part to petition to the country and urge prevent the would-be massacre.

The situation is very urgent and intensifying, thus please sign and forward this to all your friends/ forums/ facebook/ twitter/ etc.

Hope we can unite a million signature to declare our concern.

For more information:

We, the undersigned, petition in the name of humanity and democracy to Thailand to

1. Stop using force against the peaceful Red Shirts protesters;

2. Call for immediate election.

Thailand is a democratic country and the government of the country should be chosen by the people for the people.

The current situation in Thailand is total opposite of a true democracy, where the government is not elected by the people and doing the Thais a great disservice. Senseless crackdown and killing will only in turn cause greater sufferings and more intense protest.

This is immoral and inhuman of the government to use armoured vehicle and live bullets on their own citizens protesting peacefully only for their own rights.

Thailand should waste no time in returning to normalcy thus an instant election will prevent further bloodshed and suffering. It will also put Thailand back to the path of democracy and economic growth.

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