#Residential Disputes
Mayor Mossel Bay Munipisipality
South Africa

Status Mark erected on the roof of their building, in HARTENBOS the Alikreukel Flats, several apparatus to scare off birds, "Ëagle Eye" during 2011. This consists of 4 rotating mirrors which reflect the sun. The purpose is to blind and confuse birds so that they do not nest in their building.

These mirrors reflect the direct sunlight away from "their building and property onto our property and into our houses.

These reflections are very strong direct sun flashes irritating and disturbing the residents around the building. It can cause irreversible damage to ones eyes resulting in permanent blindness. They can also bring on epileptic episodes.

These sun reflections accur 4x every 5 seconds. = 2880 per hour, 6 hours per day= 17,280. There are 3 apparatus reflecting that gives app 51,000 reflections per day.

These Eagle Eyes do not scare the birds away. There are many birds nesting in the building. It does not work but irritate every body around the building for NO purpose at all.

We , the undersigned, strongly object to the thousands of sun reflections onto our properties, into our eyes and houses.

These flashes can cause irreversible eye damage. It is a huge irritation and constant disturbance and invasion of our privacy.

We request The Mayor of Mossel Bay to instruct the manager of Status Mark , Mr Chris Moller to immediately blank off these apparatus or remove them completely.

We are very upset that Mr Moller of Status Mark do not consider our complaint as valid even though the birds are not scared off by this method. They use it as entertainment.

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