#Human Rights
US President Obama Darpa Warfare Dept.
United States of America

I'm proof US Gov. Darpa Wifi Expert Howard W. Raymond told me (and it's true) he invisibly implanted myself from his home Gov. Darpa computer from the net and he sells members and my sex from their computer to Virtuagirl.com illegally and Obama is supposed to pay me 1 million to me to sign them off the hook for what they have already sold.

Howard stated citizens are being deceitfully, demonically implanted for dictatorship - mind control and torture by the US Darpa Executive Obama and you can't stop them. He called it Project Blue Beam - Satan's Gate - The New World Order.

Stop US Darpa Gov. Warfare Dept. from implanting the rest of the USA (40 % complete) with an invisible micro retina-right eye from your computer by invisible US Gov. Darpa agencies all over the world for Electronic Mind Control for war for surveillance or demonic purposes like torture they have done to myself and millions!

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