Channel 4 and Big Brother Producers
United Kingdom

The introduction and length of sound dips during the live feed of Big Brother has been increasing year by year.

Originally intended as a safeguard for the privacy of housemates', their friends and family, or as a precaution against libellous statements about others, and to prevent advertising of products, it is now evident that the sound dips are being employed indiscriminately and, in most cases, without justification (this is evident when something that was sound dipped during live feed is later shown on the Highlights show).

We, the undersigned, call upon Channel 4 to investigate the number of, and length of, sound dips used during the live feed showing of Big Brother.

We feel that those concerned are using sound dips as an excuse to either have sufficient material to make people tune in to the Highlights show or to show individual housemates in a good/bad light.

There is no longer any pretence that it is for privacy purposes as the 'apology' notice shown on screen during such dips makes no mention of this.

We ask that sound dips are kept to a minimum as many of us are switching off in frustration and can see no point in live feed being provided if we can't know what is being said.

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The STOP UNNECESSARY SOUND DIPS petition to Channel 4 and Big Brother Producers was written by Maggie Matthews and is in the category Television at GoPetition.