#Consumer Affairs
Global Water
United States of America

Global Water has been using unfair practices of disconnecting service on one month of service. Also, not contacting the customer or sending out a final notice.

Global Water is charging twice the normal rate for services than normal water companies with a standard $60.00 charge for the first 1000 gallons. Global Water has cut their hours and have a closing time of 4:30 P.M. and tend to close the doors 5 minutes before the closing time posted on the door.

Global Water have very poor service or understanding for the needs or communication of Maricopa residents. Most services provided such as an automated payment machine structure outside the door is constantly out of service.

As a resident of Maricopa we as community have to put a stop to this unfair practice and treatment of hard working citizens especially in an economic recession where people rely on understanding of hard times and unsettling situations.

We, the undersigned, call on all Maricopa residents to take action in improving the water services provided to all residents.

We deserve all fair and practical services provide by a company that should provide normal customer service practices in a shape, form and fashion that is fair to all residents. All resident should be given a reasonable time before disconnecting service other than one month of service which is not a fair practice especially during a time of economic depression in our country.

We deserve a reasonable and comfortable way of paying our bill without having the business close their doors before closing time. now is the time to let Global water realize that we have a major problem with their services and unfair practices they are posing on the residents of Maricopa at this time.

If you as a resident have had any unfair practices or treatment, please sign the petition and let's take action and the treatment we deserve.

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