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Many disabled are going through this flawed system around WCA and assessments for Personal Independence Payment. It's putting a lot of vulnerable people at risk and when theses assessments go wrong no one holds their hands up this system is flawed and needs changing as its unfair on the sick.

Many people are being wrongly judged and lost there lives because of this botched up assessments it's not all about saving money it should be 'helping the people who need the help' words from DWP but thats not thats case, its more about cutting the amount of people who gets the help which is much needed.

This system need to be reviewed and updated and the assessment providers need a better guidelines to help assess the people correctly first time and doctors should have more of a say in theses assessments as HP's aint trained enough for complex conditions.

* Assessment providers needs to be penalised for the unfair assessments, the distress caused.
* Doctors to have more of a say on how their patient is affected as they have all the tests they done and have more knowledge of complex conditions.
* A better complaint system in place with the assessment providers and DWP should have a department to listen to concerns about claimants assessments as the wrong information they provide you decides whether someone gets the help they need or not.
* The system needs reviewing and needs to listen to the disabled and their concerns as we feel the government doesn't care about the way we are being affected.

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