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Federal Government

At present, the only mobile phone company in Canada, with full right on the market are Bell, Telus, Rogers and other small companies derived from those named above.

U.S. companies like AT & T, Verizon, which have low rates and many features included as basic, are not welcome on the market in Canada, also large companies in Europe want to enter the Canadian market but are not allowed, companies such as Vodafone, Orange or other major telecommunications companies, with very low rates and a great future in the world.

Please open new markets in Canada, allow international companies to present themselves with new techniques and services to Canadians.

WE, CANADIANS, ask our Government to:

- stop charging us for LONG DISTANCE calls within a province,

- to stop charging us for features should be as basic (call display, incoming calls, incoming messages, etc),

- reduce service prices,

- let international telecommunication companies to open new markets in Canada.

Stop unfair telephone rates. Stop paying for features that should be included in the basic subscription. Stop paying long distance calls made dishonesty within the provinces. It is not right to pay long distance if calling from Edmonton to Calgary or Calgary to Westlock.

Let the big international mobile phone companies in Canada for a free market and democratic practice, that all Canadians have a chance to choose their own price for the features they want. Stop obstructing U.S. telephone companies to open new technical mobile telecommunications in Canada.

Keep Canada free, and Canadians free to choose from.

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