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Ever since the so-called "Next Generation" gaming consoles have come out, they have tried to force new "updates" to their gaming consoles in order to provide "security updates" in most cases, but in reality all they are doing is preventing anyone else from unlocking said gaming consoles so that the end user if he/she is experienced enough, they can unlock the game consoles and realize their full potential all in the name of "stopping gaming piracy".

We, the fed up consumers of the video game industry, are petitioning for the refusal for these companies to force unwarranted gaming "security updates". These game companies claim that although we have purchased the hardware from said company, they reserve the right and basically are still claiming that these consoles are still owned by them.

If you read your end-user license agreement for your particular game console, they actually claim that the console is still their property even though you legally bought them from said company and that they "reserve the right to change" basically anything they want to whenever they want to. A perfect example to this is the PS3. When Sony first launched the PS3, it had backwards compatibility with the PS2 and played the PS2 games perfectly. Now new updates ban the use of the PS2 software altogether because their is a flaw that allows the PS3 user to "modify" and play burned backup games on the PS3. Also, the PS3 had an option to install another Operating System (such as Linux) to the PS3 and converting it into a PC.

Now that the hacker that unlocked the iPhone has made a way for people to access all of the hardware in the PS3 through the use of the "Other OS" option, the newest update removes the ability to install Linux onto your PS3. They are forcibly controlling what goes on to your video game console because of so-called "security breaches" because they can no longer control what can go onto your PS3. The people need to make a stand to these companies and make them realize that video game consoles are like cars, if we buy a brand new car and go to replace the engine with a different one, they shouldn't have the ability to disable the car just because we bought a different engine from another company instead of them. They are monopolizing and trying to take away the freedom of choice with these new gaming consoles.

We need to boycott these companies and stop their money flow so they will stop their attempt to retain control over hardware that we have purchased and can do with as we please, not only limited to whatever makes them the most money!

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