City of Chula Vista
United States of America

I was sitting in my bedroom in the light but it didn't feel like a sunny day anymore.On 8/13/13 in the Seawind apartment complex at 11:30am. All I could hear were these machines,they were cutting down trees. I felt like i had to speak up. Who else would? I thought they had cut down already enough trees. They already cut down 5trees. I was sickened to hear tree cruntching. Even if i didn't want to see the trees being chopped to pieces. I could still hear the sounds of the workers killing these trees.These trees never have done anything to you.

Ever since the begining of time, trees helped give us oxygen. Trees have never been evil or hurt us on purpose. Think of the "Giving Tree"book. Did you see the boy getting apples from the tree? Did you see the tree being like a mother? Trees need respect. More compassion from us, the people.

I may be 18. I know im still young but I have a voice. I hereby call into action of the City of Chula Vista, to reduce and or stop the cutting of the trees in Chula Vista.

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