#Civil Rights
Kennedy rivers
United States of America

I want the laws on mental illness to change due to how unfair it is to blanket mental illness the same. Just like in law there are different levels on how things are identified. I have volunteered to seek help because I didn’t know what was going on with myself emotionally. So I did what I thought was right to see help to find out what was going on with me and why is this happening since it was unfamiliar territory emotional.

I tried counselors and my personal doctors said you are experiencing depression and should seek more help than they can provide. I went to the hospital and told them what was going on with me and what I was seeking to get help because outpatient help wasn’t helping and I felt it was getting worse so I volunteered to go to a mental hospital in hopes of getting to know what is going on with me. Why I felt the way I did and how to get past the overwhelming feelings that I suddenly had and learned how to process what I was going through to get better.

The law treats all mental illness the same when whether you volunteer or forced by law enforcement. I think that is very unfair due to I am an individual who knows that something is wrong and took the necessary steps to get better than causing disturbances and being arrested and forced to seek help. I feel this law needs to change and be more specific and not punish all mental illness the same. There is a difference if you are diagnosed with a known mental illness that makes you a danger to yourself and others.

The action I want to take place is not to treat people who volunteer to seek help versus people being forced to by law enforcement or medical professionals to seek a psychiatric evaluation then have to stay because they display the behaviors or criteria that requires 72 evaluation period.

The person seeking help versus being forced are two different scenarios that should be treated differently. The way the law is written is that all mental illness is the same no matter the condition. If you volunteer to go to the hospital or are forced to go to the hospital you all lose your 2nd amendment rights which I think it is not fair to those who are seeking help.

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