Andrew Landsley and David Cameron

Whilst on holiday in Turkey aged 36, I suffered a Grade 3 subarachnoid brain haemorrhage (big haemorrhagic stroke). Despite having a comprehensive travel insurance policy, including repatriation, with Europ Assistance (UK), they refused both urgent life saving brain surgery and repatriation.

Due to lack of immediate brain surgery and treatment, I then suffered a second Grade 1 subarachnoid brain haemorrhage from another brain artery and was still refused the surgery and care needed. The reason they have given for refusing care, was that they could not contact my UK GP.

Eventually one week later, they finally decided to agree to repatriate me so I could receive the brain surgery needed, in the UK. However, by then I was over the threshold (safety time limit) for operating.

I now live with disabilities from the second bleed and a death sentence from the first bleed because by the time I got care and was operated on 14days after the first stroke, one artery was beyond repair and is left as an atrophic segment which leaks (causing further strokes/TIA's) and has left me with no direct blood supply to the left side of my brain.

My only saving grace is that this damaged artery leads off the main cartoid artery so when it fully re-ruptures I will know very little and death will be quick.

If I had been operated on immediately the atrophic artery was repairable and I would not have the disabilities from the second bleed as it would not of happened.

They say there has been an investigation into my case BUT I was not at it and no-one was there to represent me. If it ever was held, it was held before knowledge of all the damage done to me. A complete farce and get out clause!

They feel their company was right refusing me treatment and I was not entitled to compensation for injuries/disabilities/death sentence caused. Unforgivable!

I now know, I am not the only person to of been denied care by insurers in a life threatening situation.

Europ Assistance have NOT changed their company policy to allow immediate care for stroke and heart attack patients. This means lives will be lost and possibly others disabled should they suffer a stroke or heart attack whilst on holiday.




We, the undersigned, petition Prime Minister David Cameron and Health Secretary Andrew Landsley to investigate, challenge and regulate travel insurance companies denying immediate and appropriate care to stroke and heart attack patients.

These conditions are life threatening and failing to provide immediate care results in death or disability. Denial of care is unacceptable on any grounds.

When we pay a premium to ensure we are covered for illness abroad, we should be entitled to healthcare with no delay. Denial of medical care is breaching the basic human right.

We, the undersigned, also petition the government to investigate, challenge and regulate unscrupulous insurers who are charging excessive premiums to people with pre-existing conditions, illness and disabilities. People should not be left in a position where they cannot afford to take their loved ones on holiday and risk travel with no insurance. Affordable premiums should be available to all.

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